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KG: Parte Cinco! Parte Finale!


The sunlight beamed its warm rays through the wooden cabin’s windows on the island as they gently touched Kushina’s face. The redhead’s chest rose and fell signifying her sleep. Never had she had such a restful sleep in her life. Her son had stayed with her the entire night making her happy. Even with his broken arm, she still came first in his eyes. Smiling unconsciously, Kushina turned her body to get comfortable before she groaned as the sunlight bashed into her eyes. Placing a hand over her eyes she uttered a small sensual moan before reaching her arm forward. “Sochi,” Kushina mumbled, but she found the half of the bed surprisingly cold. Frowning, Kushina opened one of her eyes before jumping up slightly.

“Sochi? Sochi!” Kushina called, but Naruto wasn’t in the room. Holding her head down, Kushina wondered where her loveable son had gone before a delicious aroma assaulted her nose. Standing to her feet, Kushina’s soles suddenly felt very warm. Maybe it was the heat from the sun warming the cabin up at this time. Well, whatever. Glancing into a mirror, Kushina blushed as she realized she had stayed in her bra and panties reminding her of her consent and lust for her son. Strangely, Kushina didn’t feel as apprehensive with it now as opposed to before. The warm feeling of her son’s hard, firm hands upon her breasts and nipples didn’t go away at all as Kushina pushed her breasts together slightly.

As she went up and down her body, she quickly noticed a red mark at the side of her neck. Turning her head to get a better view her face rose in a pink tint. Of course it was a small hickey. Given how much Kushina had allowed for Naruto as well as their kissing frenzy then it was easy to see why. If she had cared, then she would have been worried if Minato ever saw this, but then again she did think ‘if.’ Between surviving a semi-deserted island and sorting out her gradually feelings of intense attraction and dependence for her son, Kushina never got around to thinking about the bastard. Shaking her head, Kushina sighed. “Come on Kushina, forget him for now. There are better things to worry about, like wondering what the amazing smell is,” Kushina said to herself with a semi-wide smile. She didn’t bother putting on anything than what she already had on. It felt good to be just a little liberated.

Walking through the halls, getting a little mixed up, Kushina finally appeared by the walls of the kitchen and leaned her head to the side. There she raised an eyebrow while her lips went dry. She saw her son preparing the wooden table with some plates and cups of water in only his boxers letting his chiseled chest show to his mother. Kushina couldn’t believe herself. She was blushing and hiding by the corner like a stupid fangirl who couldn’t even form an appropriate sentence. The fact that he was doing this all with one good arm was also a surprise. Finally getting up some nerve, Kushina took a deep breath before making herself known. “I’m hurt that you weren’t there when I woke up Sochi,” Kushina said and she watched Naruto slightly stumble in surprise.

“Kaa-chan, so you’re awake now,” Naruto’s said before his speech became jumbled as he glared at his mother’s body as well as her lack of clothing. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he stared at the round orbs of exotic flesh. The same that he held in his palms the night before Naruto could honestly say that at the time he had not been happier. As he trailed down, his eyes flew to his mother’s flat stomach. She was still an active shinobi, jonin-level actually. So much training when to maintain that shape. Then there were her panty-covered special places.

Naruto proceed to quickly turn away surprising Kushina as she found her son admiring her form, not that she minded. She knew the risks of this the instant she stepped out of her room in her scantily-clad attire. Right now, she didn’t care if she admitted it to herself, but she wanted her son to look at her. She wanted him to see her body out in broad daylight unlike last night where he had to strain his eyes over her form. “Y-You look beautiful,” Naruto complimented and Kushina simply smiled before walking over to her son.

“Thank you, sochi. That means so much hearing it from you,” Kushina said as she gently kissed her son on the cheek. Naruto then proceed to return the smile his mother gave before the two quickly took a handle on the situation. Kushina helped Naruto place the plates on the table before sitting down next to her son. The two said their grace and quickly ate. It was a relatively silent affair, that breakfast. One of the reasons of why it was silent was because neither was sure what to talk about. However there was a question that truly seemed to be going through both their heads and both knew that they knew that they wanted to ask it. Like a balloon, if you filled it with air then sooner or later it would burst. This situation was easily like that bursting balloon.

“Kaa-chan, what…now?” Naruto asked and Kushina scratched her cheek before placing her chopsticks down before finally sighing. It didn’t take a genius for Kushina to know what her son was referring to. She had wondered where this put them as well. Last night was no doubt one of the best nights that she had ever experienced. The warmth of her son’s body on top of her own all while the sweet taste of his lips brushed against her own with the hardness of his lower muscle again her abdomen. For Kushina, she had realized that she had already changed their relationship when she came into the room with only her bra and panties. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she was justifying that by saying that she had no choice to do this since the clothes were still drying from washing, but she was sure that wasn’t the case.

Somewhat intrigued, Kushina offered a small smile and placed her elbows on the table while leaning forward. “What do…you wish to happen?” she asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow to her question. Kushina could tell that it threw her son off if only slightly. However to her surprise, he recovered relatively easily before sighing.

“Kaa-chan, it’s like I told you back in the Hot Spring near the cave. I want you. I want you to…want me I guess. When you came back, you seemed so sad and disoriented and while I knew that I would give you space I was still overjoyed when you asked me to stay with you. But…,” Kushina watched Naruto’s face turn serious and she responded with her own serious face. If her son was being this honest and forward then she would do the same.

“I don’t want you to want me if it’s only a means of getting back at Tou-san. I got that from Sakura-chan. I also don’t want this to be something that you would regret or something you feel that if I comfort you for a bit then you’ll break it off. Gomen, but that’s not fair,” Naruto spoke honestly and Kushina’s smile widened.

“Yes, you are right Naru-kun. That would not be fair to you at all dattebane. I will admit Naru-kun that I am very angry with Minato and I would like nothing than to strangle him where he stood, but…,” Kushina quickly leaned forward and her hand slipped through her son’s cheek grazing the whisker marks on his face getting an involuntary purring sound off the blond.

“I wouldn’t do anything to Minato that would cause you pain. He’s not worth it that much. My feelings haven’t changed so easily Sochi. Even now I would like nothing more than to erase this distance between us, take you, and have you make love to me while I forget my pain, but the fact that you’re still my son concerns me. What about your future?” she asked and Naruto blinked.

“Kaa-chan, I’m sixteen. Don’t you think I get to choose my future now?” Naruto asked and Kushina sighed. “Yes, I do, but…it’s just so complicated Sochi. However, even through those mixed feelings, let me tell you one truth,” Kushina said standing up. Naruto got a full look at his half naked mother before she slipped around the outer reaches of the table before she appeared directly in her son’s face. Naruto didn’t know what his mother was about to do, but his face shortly thereafter expressed genuine surprise as her left leg swung over his thigh and she sat blatantly on his lap. Kushina smiled as she cupped his cheek before leaning down and engulfing his lips into her own. Naruto felt the sweetness of his food on her lips while Kushina moaned into her son’s mouth. He could feel her tongue quickly pushing against his lips practically begging her son to indulge her in their incestuous lust for each other. The fact that she was doing this on the chair that Minato or Mei no doubt sat in either together like this or individually only added to their excitement.

Naruto didn’t see a reason to deny his mother what she wanted and opened his mouth. Her tongue invaded his space like a very luscious worm before it found its target and snaked around Naruto’s own tongue. The two slowly began a timeless and ageless dance feeling and tasting each other and Kushina’s tongue rubbed the reaches of Naruto’s mouth. Naruto’s own tongue brushed Kushina’s lower lip and then hit her upper lip. Kushina’s cheek grew red and flushed from her arousal as her hands rubbed her son’s broad shoulders memorizing their shape, texture and feel. Kushina moaned pleasantly into her son’s mouth relieving herself of her frustration of whatever she thought at the time. How her son could make her so horny and loved was beyond her, but she couldn’t deny that it made her feel warm.

Finally the need for air became great, but both only slowly parted and even then it wasn’t a very large distance. Their tongues hung out with a thin trail of saliva connecting them both until it broke and disappeared. Both panted slowly as their hot breath tickled the other’s lips. “I…will…always love you Sochi,” Kushina finished after gathering her needed air. Naruto panted slowly while taking in her words.

“I feel that I want to be with you and…if you’ll have me, t-then I’ll…,” Kushina blushed and looked off while Naruto smiled lightly. He brushed his mother’s hair and kissed her cheek.

“I’ll have you Kaa-chan. If you’ll have me dattebayo,” Naruto finished and Kushina chuckled to herself before nodding and wrapping her son in a hug.

After breakfast, Kushina went to take a shower since Naruto had done his already. After her shower and putting on their old clothes, the two stood on top of the house and looked off into the distance. “I don’t see a ship or anything. How did they even get here?” Kushina asked and Naruto folded his arms.

“More than likely Tou-san, used the Hiraishin to bring them both. It’s convenient that way,” Naruto exclaimed and Kushina didn’t fault her son on that logic. To think that such a cruise could have gone so wrong. Not to mention that they were at the beginning of the second week. After that, it would only be a matter of time that word spread that they were missing. Though if Kushina were honest, she might have preferred it that way. Being on this island…alone, with her son. It might not be so bad, she figured.

“Well at least we have shelter. No telling when they’ll return. However I have to think that since they came here then that means that we’re somewhere between Fire Country and Water Country, wouldn’t you think? We couldn’t have drifted off that far,” Naruto speculated.

“Maybe. We’ll have to wait and see. Well for now, we’ll just do what we have always done,” Kushina said clasping Naruto’s hand into her own. Naruto turned back to her and chuckled while Kushina laid her head down on Naruto’s shoulder. "What's so funny?" Kushina asked reveling in the warmth that her son's body provided. The wind was blowing along the island front so it was just a little chilly, but it was a cooling breeeze if nothing else.

"Nothing Kaa-chan, it's just even though this turned out to be a disaster of a vacation I still would have liked no one more to be with here than you," Naruto proclaimed. Kushina widened her eyes slightly before covering her mouth as she giggled. Naruto sheepishly smiled while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Me too," Kushina agreed. The two continued to stand on top of the house and looked out at the waves crashing against the shore where they had ended up. Naruto's arms wrapped around Kushina's frame as he held her close. Kushina snuggled up against her son. Neither knew how they were going to get off this island or even if they would survive where they were, but they couldn't help finding the place serene where they were. Kushina, given what she now learned, her son was all she had left to keep her straight in these events.

Turning her head, Kushina looked at Naruto's firm face. His handsome features, his blond hair, and his tight body. So much shinobi training went into that body to make it what it was and Kushina couldn't help, but think that she also had a hand in creating that as well. It was like all those years were spent cultivating the perfect body for her. Kushina thought that idea was so silly and childish, but she doubted that she could help it. Naruto turned his head and noticed his mother staring at him. Smiling weirdly, Naruto laughed nervously. "W-What?" Naruto asked snapping Kushina out of her reverie. Kushina quickly blushed crimson before adjusting her gaze.

"Oh it's nothing. Sorry. I got caught up in the moment dattebane," Kushina said with a small laugh. Naruto couldn't help, but laugh with her. The two soon gave full-blown laughs atop the roof of the house or cabin that they were situated in. "What do you think Tou-san is doing now?" Naruto asked. Kushina slowly stopped laughing and then sighed. She really didn't want to think about Minato while she was there with her son, but given his question she couldn't help but think the same thing. Even though he was a low, cheating bastard, he was still a man that Kushina had married.

Grabbing her son's hand, she smiled. "Let's not worry about him. Come on, this is a good day. Too good to spend working. Let's go to the beach today. Just you and me," Kushina said. Naruto blinked at his mother before grinning widely. Kushina grinned as wide as her son before the two jumped off the roof and into house to get changed.

Half an hour later, Kushina was watching with a large smile on her face as Naruto swam in the salt water of the ocean. It was almost like they hadn't been washed over and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Kushina wore the same two-piece bikini that she wore on the boat and Naruto wore the same swimming trunks. Kushina watched Naruto do laps around the beach. She watched the water drip off his features. The water dripped off his abs...and his arms...and his...face. Kushina blinked before shaking her head. Rubbing her eyes, Kushina smiled when she thought about this morning. She was acting like an immature, academy girl gushing over a boy. Nevermind that the boy was her own son, but now that Kushina thought back to yesterday she couldn't help, but have her cheeks flushed. Even though she had basically given her son the 'all-clear' to enact with her any fantasies that he had, he still didn't. No matter how she thought about it, Kushina didn't believe that this correlated back to her previous desires that night. That night when she felt her heart actually breaking from his lack of presence or this morning after this breakfast. Also Kushina found that she just couldn't be embarrassed about her son seeing her in her more...immodest clothing anymore. They had both been through a lot and her son had obviously shown a lot of maturity in dealing with how everything was going down. She didn’t see the need to make it out to be the deal that it was currently.

Slowly the time seemed to pass away for the mother-son duo as Naruto laughed upon splashing Kushina’s face with water much to her joy as she returned the gestures. The two Uzumaki grinned at each other while the sun slowly started to go down. It was shame that they couldn’t have stayed longer. In truth they would have liked to, but other things needed to be done that they couldn’t put off. “Sochi it’s time to go. Let’s hurry and pack up!” Kushina said. Naruto quickly saluted his mother as the two made their way back to the cabin.

Upon entering the abode, Naruto and Kushina quickly set their things down. “Kaa-chan I sent out a couple of clones to retrieve our things from the cave. I know we have a cabin and all, but we can’t get too comfortable, ya know?” Naruto rather said than asked while Kushina nodded. “Hai, that makes sense Naruto-kun. Well I’ll take a bath and then I’ll get dinner started with the supplies that we’ve gathered from the cavern,” Kushina said to him. Naruto swiftly nodded in agreement as he watched his mother sway her way to the bathroom door. She then closed it and within minutes Naruto heard the sound of running water. At that sound, he seated himself at the table and rested his head on its wooden frame. Despite all of this he couldn’t help, but laugh. Strange how things came about like this. Yet, Naruto truly believed that he wouldn’t like to struggle through this than with anyone else.

“Sochi, the shower is all yours!” Kushina said coming out wrapped in a towel. Naruto perked up from her state of dress as her wet hair dripped to the floor. Had he been asleep? The vibrant smile on her face was just as exotic as the island that they were on. Naruto doubted that this smile was probably the greatest feature that she had in combination with her hair. Kami, how he loved that hair. “W-What? Why are you staring at me?” Kushina asked. Naruto was just looking at her like…like a male looking at a potential mate. He was eyeing her almost hungrily. His gaze it was…powerful almost. It was intense actually. It was mesmerizing.

Naruto stood to his feet and made his way over to his mother. What was this feeling assaulting his senses? He wasn’t sure, but he couldn’t wait. He had to have her now. He had to possess her. He…wanted her. He actually needed her. Not even his hunger could hold him back at this moment. He had never before thought she could smell so lovely. She had the most gorgeous eyes. She had the most luscious, kissable lips. Most of all she…was right here in her lowest modesty possible. He wasn’t sure how long he had been walking, but it didn’t matter as he stopped just inches away from his mother’s face.

Kushina felt her breath hitch from her son’s gaze. How shameless that she was getting excited from the sheer…sheer…audacity and want of it. “S-Sochi, I should make dinner,” Kushina said in a rather uncertain fashion that neither she nor Naruto believed were her true desires. Her breath seemed shaky, but Naruto couldn’t mistake the scent he somehow felt rolling off her. “Yeah you should dattebayo,” Naruto remarked. His nose brushed against the skin of Kushina’s own nose as his nuzzled her cheek gently. Kushina shivered from the feeling. Strange, she never knew how deep blue her son’s eyes were. They were so close to her own. Kushina huffed.

For Naruto he could feel his mother’s hard, hot, ragged breath tickle the nerves of the hairs just above his lips. What was happening to him? His body was coursing with unrelenting desire and unparalleled lust. All of this lust was directed towards his mother. After all the smell coming from her he couldn’t have mistaken. She was aroused by his presence being so near to her. “Kaa-chan, I want you,” Naruto said without a be at being missed. Kushina widened her eyes to Naruto’s statement. His voice sounded so firm yet light and tender. Kushina gulped. Could she do it? Sure, Minato had cheated on her, but he was still her husband. However Kushina had been through so much with her son. He was there when she needed comforting and he was there when she needed support. He was truly the only thing that kept her sane while on this island even when she found out about Minato’s affair. Her son was the one right here in front of her. No one else was there. Yes, no one else was there at all. Plus, she…trusted her son. She knew he wouldn’t do wrong by her. In addition, she wanted him too. She wanted him badly.

“Sochi, I…I…,” Kushina lowered her gaze. She watched Naruto’s right hand go to the folds of her towel. It was the only thing firmly setting apart the line of mother and son. Naruto grabbed its folds. Kushina closed her eyes. Perhaps her red hair was the string of fate. Perhaps it hadn’t been connected to Minato, but rather to their child and her. They were fated to have Naruto and Naruto was destined to be her lover. “Sochi we can’t go back dattebane. We’re both going to wake up tomorrow fully aware of the things we did. I…you don’t need regrets in your life. We can just…,” Kushina widened her eyes as Naruto covered her lips with his own. She tightly closed her eyes for fear that her son would see the tears that threatened to drop. The tears of their situation, the tears of her relationship with Minato and her son, and lastly the tears of her joy for were all of this led. Kushina swiftly through her arms around her son and sought to deepen the kiss. Her fingers grazed through son’s vibrant, sun-soaked hair as her lips pierced the divide of his mouth.

With some effort, Naruto gently pinned Kushina against the wall as his left arm hooked around her delicate frame. He held her close. Kushina moaned into her son’s mouth as her tongue wrapped around with his. It tasted so sweet and tender, like the finest meat she had ever tasted. Plus his hot breath was just so thrilling. Kushina couldn’t resist.

The same could be said for Naruto as he huffed against his mother’s mouth. Her creamy skin just melded into his own. Her being began to combine with his. How Naruto longed for this with such passion and earnest that he was finally rewarded. The reward wasn’t necessary what was happening now, but it was what was going to happen. This relationship that was happening. Naruto wasn’t going to lose it. In no possible way did he want to lose this warmth, this feeling and this deep level of intimacy. He could feel the heat of desire burn upon her lips through his as both drank the essence of the other. Naruto could feel his tongue scrapping against his mother’s mouth and along her tongue. It was such a raw feeling of passion that he couldn’t describe. He could feel her want, her need, her desire, her passion, her lust, her feeling, her everything. It was coming to him in waves. Splashing over him like a tsunami were all these things. Such an intensity it was.

Kushina and Naruto separated. Both huffed as their noses brushed up against each other. Kushina panted while Naruto panted overtop of her from their embrace. She could feel herself shirking into his presence. Kami-sama, she wanted this. Please let it be right. “Sochi…I want you dattebane. Please…take your mother. Take me on the same bed that Minato took Mei on,” Kushina said which made Naruto widen his eyes to her proclamation. “But Kaa-chan, that room is the…,” Naruto didn’t get to finish as Kushina quickly kissed his lips, whether to silence him or to get in another quick one was anyone’s guess.

“Yes, I know, but that is where I want to make my oath from Minato to you. The place where my relationship with Minato ended is the place where I want us to begin,” Kushina said out. Naruto swallowed the dry lump in his throat as Kushina grabbed the folds of her towel. With a swift jerk of her wrist, the towel came undone and dropped to the wooden floor. There Kushina stood before Naruto in her glorious immodesty. Naruto stared at his mother’s nude form. She looked like a picture-perfect goddess. Her perky, pink nipples had stiffened out from the cool air and the exciting make-out from earlier. Her lovely figure was only complimented by her light creamy skin tone. In the light she was practically illuminated. She just looked…perfect in his eyes. This was his mother. The woman who had birthed him and raised him. She was now offering herself to him in complete trust. “Kaa-chan, you are…beautiful,” Naruto complimented with as much pride as he could muster. Kushina responded to his compliment by grabbing his firm hand and leading him through the halls of the cabin. It didn’t take long at all for both to arrive at the door. Kushina turned around.

“Sochi, I love you and I want you to be happy. I don’t want you to think that you feel the need to comfort me in some way. I can be fine on my own. I-If you have even the slightest doubt right now then please tell me. I’m still your mother and I want you to…,” Kushina didn’t speak as Naruto engulfed her mouth with his own while his right hand touched the knob of the door. Naruto separated from his mother. “You talk too much dattebayo,” Naruto remarked before claiming Kushina’s lips again as he finally managed to open the door as Kushina gently pulled him inside before the door shut behind them.

Naruto and Kushina stumbled over each other, desperate to not break the kiss that they already had formed. Both were easily intoxicated with the lust and desire of the other as they fell back and into the bed. Naruto laid overtop of Kushina as the latter’s hair sprawled out over the bed. Kushina had to admit that the sheets were soft and comforting just like the lips of her son. Kushina expertly used her tongue to scrape the sides of Naruto’s teeth while her tongue wrestled with his for dominance. Their hot breath exchanged through the other multiple times as Naruto remembered the past night he had shared with his mother in the spare bedroom. She was even more beautiful now than that time. Her violet eyes just glowed for him in the moonlight of the dark room that they were in. Her hands tended and played with his hair, stroking it and massaging it to her beat. Naruto could honestly say that he had never truly been happier. Despite everything, this was the best vacation that both needed. No way could Minato imagine this scenario right now. This fire of desire burning in Naruto’s heart was only fueled by the rapid bliss of his mother’s comforting lips as his hand touched her cheek.

Kushina moaned into her son’s mouth. His fit, tight body overtop of her own stimulated the regions of her breasts as she continued to kiss her son/lover with all the feelings that she could have truly been resonating at the time. In her mind it was surreal, she was kissing her son. Not a motherly kiss, but a full-adult kiss that only lovers could share. Even now Kushina worried about Naruto and their future after this, but her stubborn son seemed determined to be with her. She understood that she would be here if she didn’t want the same thing. For her, this was her bliss. This was her comfort from the outside world’s troubles.

Kushina and Naruto separated once again as both opened their eyes to gaze lovingly at the other. “Kaa-chan, you’re really beautiful dattebayo. I swear that I’m gonna make you happy with me. I swear I’m never going to leave you. It’s the promise of a lifetime,” Naruto said to her. Kushina blinked at this sudden promise. She resisted the urge to chuckle from the way he said it, but the meaning was true to her all the same. “I really don’t deserve you sochi,” Kushina mumbled to herself as Naruto leaned forward. Quickly he kissed side of her neck. Kushina stammered. His warm lips upon her skin felt good. Kami it felt good. Naruto smirked at the reaction before he raised his hands and placed them over his mother’s breasts. Kushina arched back from the feeling with a low moan. Naruto was astounded. They were so soft and fluffy, like two pillow sheets or marshmallows of clouds. They were so round and puffy. Naruto felt his fingers gently dig into their flesh.

“S-Sochi, y-you’re…ohhh,” Kushina moaned while Naruto gently nibbled at her earlobe. Kushina huffed into his ear. How dare he attack her weak spot! Naruto knew she was sensitive around the ears, but even now her son was doing as he pleased and Kushina enjoyed it greatly. Her legs bunched together in surprise of her son’s actions. Naruto toyed with her breasts like the puppeteers in Suna toyed with their puppets. So expertly placed and well-timed to match her joy of her orbs of flesh. Kushina whimpered as her son pinched one of her nipples. “Sochi, oh…my…kami. You’re really playing with them,” Kushina moaned out in breaths as Naruto kissed her neckline. Kushina grabbed wrapped his head in her arms to bring him closer.

“Like that Kaa-chan?” Naruto asked blowing his breath over her already hardened nipples. “S-Sochi, you’re…so cruel. You know I….ahhh…like it dattebane,” Kushina answered him in pants as Naruto suddenly took one of her nipples into his mouth. He could feel Kushina’s grip on him tighten, but he didn’t actually mind. Right now he was just focused on giving her as much pleasure as possible. Her body was like the finest wine he had ever tasted and he wished to savor every last drop that he could before returning for more. He sucked over her nipples interchangeably eagerly tasting their supple texture. Kushina didn’t relent in letting out her moans of her son’s ministration as she could feel her body heating to his movements. She also knew that thing that was poking her near her legs was Naruto’s arousal to her current speech.

Kushina jerked and bit her lip as Naruto pinched her right nipple while he bit her left in his teeth. Kami it was just animalistic, his desires. All of it was pouring over Kushina’s body and she was sure that she was absorbing it all like a sponge. His firm, rough hands grazed over the nerves of her flesh stimulating them, sending jolts of electric pleasure coursing through her body. Not even…not even Minato was able to do this so easily. Naruto slowly released his mouth’s hold of his mother and looked at her. Kushina panted and took the time to catch her sudden breath. However that didn’t last as long as she liked as Naruto gently, slowly, tauntingly trailed his hand down Kushina’s body. Kushina’s panting increased from both excitement and frustration. Her son knew that she wanted him to touch her…down there, but he was going at the slowest pace imaginable.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kushina felt Naruto’s hand reach her snatch. He paused. “You’re wet Kaa-chan,” Naruto rumbled in her ear with a smirk. Kushina’s face quickly brightened. “It’s your fault. Sochi, I…my body’s responding to your lust. I want you dattebane. I want you to touch me!” Kushina admitted much to her embarrassment. Naruto blinked. He then closed his eyes as he slid off the bed. Looks like he had been wrong. He didn’t need to tease his mother. He needed to merely give her pleasure. Her pleasure was his pleasure. That was truly all he wanted.

Naruto slipped off the bed and to the floor on his knees. Truly his mother looked beautiful. Her snatch was practically dripping with anticipation, lust, desire, passion, and ecstasy. Strange how it looked so pretty in that pink color that it was. In the moonlight, it looked to be practically glistening into the sheets. Kushina’s legs rested at her son’s shoulders. Naruto leaned forward and quickly gave her entrance a soft lick. Kushina instantly shivered. “Sochi, what…are you…,” Kushina asked in ragged breaths before she felt her son’s tongue violate her special place once again. Kushina grabbed the folds of the sheets. With vigor Naruto plunged himself into his mother’s immodesty as he licked over the walls of her essence. He could feel her hands suddenly grab at the head of his hair roughly pushing him forward. “Oh god sochi! You…You’re really licking me down there! Don’t stop! Please….don’t…stop!” Kushina hollered into the night air as Naruto’s tongue snaked its way through her lower body gently breaching the inner walls with his saliva. Kushina huffed and panted vigorously as Naruto continued to pleasure his mother with his tongue. Granted he hadn’t been the best at things like this, but rom having lovers like Sakura and Hinata Naruto figured he wasn’t exactly an amateur. No one tell his mother that perhaps Ero-sennin had a hand in it as well.

Naruto puffed in breaths as he swiftly jabbed his middle finger into Kushina’s snatch much to his mother’s increasing pleasure. Kushina arched back from the assault on her body. Minato had never gotten so into it like Naruto was doing. Granted Kushina knew that she and Minato did have…or rather had, a rather active sex life, but it wasn’t just out of a raw, unbridled lust like this. Kushina utterly craved this. Like a moth to a flame it drove her made with mysterious desire. Like a drug it fueled her body to other heights. Even now her mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that her son was the person she was willing to allow do this to her, but with each strike of Naruto’s tongue Kushina found any protest in her mind fading away into bliss. “Sochi yes! Yes! Ohhh yes! Fuck your mother with your fingers! Fuck your mother with your tongue! Oh god! Sochi!” Kushina cried for her son’s name over and over as the immoral, incestuous duo continued in their newfound relationship.

Moments passed by for Kushina in utter bliss as she wondered just how long she had been taking this stimulation. Her son was just unrelenting. Her sought after her body and her soul with fervor. Kushina had never been so dazed in her life. “M-My son…my sochi…he’s making me cum! I’m gonna cum!” Kushina thought to herself as she found her body tighten more and more. Her legs intertwined around her son’s legs. “Sochi…slow…slow down. I…I can’t….If you keep…this up then I’ll…,” Kushina warned while Naruto smirked. His finger suddenly jabbed forward making Kushina jump.

“Tell me Kaa-chan, who is doing this to you right now? I want to know who’s going to make you cum,” Naruto remarked. Kushina opened one of her eyes to look over her son. “M…My son. My son is going to make his mother climax! It…It’s wrong, but…why does it feel so good?” Kushina asked. Good was an understatement. It was great. It was beautiful. It was…heavenly. Why…why was such a pleasure only like this because of her son? Was it because he was her son? Was it because they were crossing a boundary they shouldn’t have? Was it because she liked it like this? So many of these questions she wasn’t sure, but Kushina couldn’t care to review. She was closer. She was…so close.

“Sochi, cumming!” Kushina screamed in her thoughts as Naruto widened his eyes when her juices splashed into his face. Naruto blinked. His mother’s sporadic movements against his face was amazing to watch before she fell to the bed huffing like mad. “I guess Kaa-chan really enjoyed that,” Naruto said to himself as he looked down at his soaked fingers. He swiftly lapped at her essence. It tasted sweet. It tasted like a series of multiple fruits from the forest that they both had eaten before.

“You enjoy that Kaa-chan?” Naruto asked. Kushina huffed as she placed a hand on her chest. It was beating wildly as she expected. No real surprise there. “Hai, sochi I enjoyed that so much,” Kushina said leaning up. She then looked down and noticed the bulge in her son’s pants threatening to tear the swimming trunks away.

“That looks uncomfortable dattebane,” Kushina said with a gleam in her eye. Naruto jumped slightly from the look in her eyes before he laughed nervously. Kushina flicked her finger for Naruto to come take his place on the bed which Naruto obeyed without a word. Kushina then grabbed at the fold of his trunks. “Remember all those embarrassing times we saw each other at home?” Kushina asked and Naruto chuckled.

“Yeah, you haven’t changed at all. You’re still beautiful Kaa-chan,” Naruto complimented. Kushina smiled as she fell down while taking Naruto’s trunks with her. “Only with you sochi will flattery get you anywhere with me,” Kushina replied as she took Naruto’s trunks fully off his lower body. She blinked when she noticed the large phallic tool standing erect in her eyes. Kushina shivered. It was…bigger than she had imagined. Kushina swallowed the lump in her throat.

“Sochi, before we do this I…have a confession,” Kushina said rather timidly. Naruto raised an eyebrow. “I…I’ve never…given oral before. I didn’t know how to and even now I don’t,” Kushina remarked. It was a rather embarrassing truth in her opinion. Minato had been gracious enough to always pleasure her as best he could, but Kushina could never say she did the same. She didn’t know why. “That’s alright Kaa-chan. I’ll show you. I read about it in Ero-sennin’s book,” Naruto said. That…didn’t serve to make Kushina feel any better, but to hell with it.

“Stroke it,” Naruto said. Kushina looked down. Her son’s dick was right in her face. She took a deep breath. Kushina held up her hand and bumped Naruto’s shaft. The redhead watched it twitch. After some time, she slowly worked her hand over it. It was hot and it was pulsating. Kushina felt like it would just melt her skin off. She then remembered her son’s instruction and moved her hand up and down. She watched her son’s reaction as Naruto’s breath became labored. “Kaa-chan that feels good,” Naruto praised while Kushina continued to jerk her son off as best she could. She could feel the tiny twitches of his manhood heating between the friction of her hand. It almost felt…alive in a sense. All she wanted was to give her son the most memorial night of his life. If that night was with her, then…she didn’t mind.

As she stroked her son’s shaft, she could see the precum oozing itself out from his dick making her hand all the most slippery. Naruto threw his head back in a sharp intake of breath over his mother’s delicate hands. Kushina glowed with pride. While she didn’t know much on the subject of oral she still hoped she was pleasing him well. If the look on his face was anything then she was doing well. “Lick it,” Naruto then said. Kushina raised a single eyebrow. She then looked down at his dick before shrugging. If that was what he wanted. Kushina gently kissed Naruto’s dick feeling its heat upon her lips before she furled out her tongue and licked its long, tantalizing form. Kushina shivered. This heat was phenomenal. Her son’s dick was flushing her face making her sigh in pleasure. It was just so rock hard that it stood like some type of statue. Kushina, while clumsily, worked over her tongue for her son, she could feel her juices from her womanhood riding down her leg arousing her even more. She wanted this to go inside her. She wanted her son to make love to her. She wanted her son beside her, forever.

Slowly Kushina went off instinct. Given her son’s demands then she was sure that it was leading to her doing this. Kushina quickly inhaled before she slowly took her son’s hard manhood into her mouth. She could feel it move through her tongue and her teeth. It was almost like gagging on some type of food, but Kushina heard Naruto groan his loudest. “Kaa-chan, that’s awesome dattebayo! Y…you’re really doing this!” Naruto moaned in delight which only served to have Kushina double her efforts. She quickly bobbed her head over her son’s shaft. Time after time she suppressed her gag reflex as her son’s cock shoved its way through her throat and her mouth. Kushina had to admit that there was something oddly arousing about this. Even now she was soaking wet as her son bucked his hips upwards into her mouth. His hands toyed with her hair while her tongue felt the wet, hot friction of his dick against her mouth. Her teeth gently scrapped at its flesh pulling Naruto close into the that bliss that he longed for. “Kaa-chan, this…is…incredible!” Naruto told her as he gritted his teeth in eagerness. Kushina wasn’t able to mutter any word as she was too busy enjoying the new sensation, though clumsily, of enjoying her son abusing her throat muscles as he was. Kushina popped him out of her mouth for a second and licked from the tip of his crown down to the base coating him in her wetness before she slipped him back into her mouth.

Naruto grunted and growled seriously. Kami he wanted to mate with this woman in front of him. He want to take her right now, but this was so good. His mother’s hair tickled at his legs and his stomach while her mouth teased his sensitive flesh. Naruto huffed as the time seemed to get away from him. “Kaa-chan, gonna cum!” Naruto warned as Kushina took him out of her mouth just in time to see her son’s essence hit her face. Kushina closed her eyes as her son had his orgasm. This stuff was hot and it was sticky.

Naruto panted while Kushina opened her eyes. She then flicked her tongue out and ran it over her lips taking a bit of her son’s white milk into her mouth. “Hmm not bad dattebane,” Kushina thought as she quickly cleaned her face of her son’s essence. Kushina then proceeded to crawl to the bed. “Sochi, I love you. More than anything. You know that right?” Kushina asked. Naruto opened his eyes.

“Hai Kaa-chan, I love you also!” Naruto returned with a wide grin. Kushina smiled with a nod. “Yes I know. You’ve been patient with me haven’t you? Now let Kaa-chan reward you. Kaa-chan is going to let you make love to her. With this I claim you as my lover and my significant other. Sochi…,” Kushina slowly took a piece of her red hair and held it before Naruto. Naruto looked at it.

“I have this special ability. One that I never shared with anyone, not even Minato. This is your right,” Kushina said and she explained to Naruto what it was. Naruto’s entered body shivered. This was…amazing. These two weeks were the best they could have been. Naruto closed his eyes and accepted. As he did, Kushina smiled. “Naruto Uzumaki always keeps his promises right?” Kushina asked and Naruto wholeheartedly nodded. As he did Kushina grabbed her son’s shaft and held it to her womanhood.

“Alright Kushina, no turning back now. You’re going to make love to your son, your new lover.” Kushina pumped herself before she swiftly impaled herself with her son’s manhood spear. Kushina and Naruto moaned as Kushina felt Naruto stretch her tight walls with his length. Kami it was like he was going to break her. Meanwhile, Naruto gasped at the feeling of sheer softness that was the inside of his mother. Here he was connected with her. He was…in love and harmony. Her walls caressed every corner of the nerves of his lower flesh. Her beautiful form…exquisite.

Meanwhile, Kushina gasped. It was…breathtaking. The feeling of sheer connection she felt at that moment almost made her pause. Her son with each inch he climb through her womanhood he fired thousands of jolts of electric waves of pleasure through her body. Kushina couldn’t stifle the moan that escaped her lips as she finally settled down completely engulfing her son back into her body. Both stopped for that moment. Kushina took the time to accommodate herself. “You’re…certainly big sochi,” Kushina admitted with a wide smile on her face. Naruto said nothing. He merely grabbed his mother’s cheeks and pulled her into another kiss. Kushina wholeheartedly accepted. How could just a simple kiss light the fire inside of her body? she didn’t know, but she was adverse to it at all. As both parted, Kushina leaned up. She looked forward and gasped. At the right angle, with the perfect amount of moonlight in the room, her son’s eyes were the most beautiful she had ever seen them. They were practically glowing with a mysterious type of illuminance that she just couldn’t describe. The way they seemed to sparkle confirmed many things for her. Plus they were solely focused on her. They never left her form. Kushina spoke.

“Now then, enough foreplay dattebane. Kaa-chan is going to rock your world Sochi,” Kushina said she raised her hips. She whimpered from the slight pleasure as her son’s manhood exited her body before she dropped her hips suddenly and slammed it back inside. Kushina and Naruto each gave a sharp moan as Kushina rocked her body up and down in a rhythmic motion against her son. Her moans became apparent to her son’s ears as Naruto groaned. He could feel the insides of his mother caressing him, tending to him, pleasuring him just like had imagined so many times in his life. Time after time he could see his lower phallic muscle exit her body before it disappeared back into the pleasurable sheath once again. Naruto gritted his teeth as he grabbed his mother’s hips. Kushina didn’t let that actually stop her as she continued making love to her son in the room where Minato had committed his infidelity. Kushina moved her body, twisted it, contracted it with her muscles, anything she could do to keep the look of sheer bliss on her son’s face. For Naruto it was too much to simply not get more of the feeling as he began trusting his hips upward into her body. Suddenly Kushina stopped. “Impatient aren’t you? I told you Sochi, this, for now, is your reward. Just let me do the work this time,” Kushina said with a chaste kiss to his lips. Naruto cursed inwardly. This woman was practically toying with him and he knew that she knew he knew that. Naruto just nodded.

So the blonde jinchuuriki resigned himself to watching the erotic display of his mother moan in blissful rapture as she pounced her hips along his shaft rarely stopping and willing to keep in her stride. Naruto took notice of the sweat that would fall from her face and to his chest. He watched as his mother through her head back as she continued to ride her new lover. Naruto also watched her hair spray around in his vision like a lovely blanket of red velvet. “Kaa-chan…that feels so good! I…I’ve always wanted this,” Naruto told her with a loud huff. Kushina indeed heard her son and she could only admit her inner desires as well that she wanted this. Probably even stronger than her son did. The feeling of his stiffness scrapping against the insides of her lower body, bumping and crushing the entrance to her womb, drove her deeper and deeper into her inner desire for her son to be the man in her life. This was amazing. This sudden freedom was…surreal. “Oh god…S-Sochi, you’re…ugh…so…ahhh…big!! I…I…can’t control my hips,” Kushina exclaimed and Naruto was about to prove his mother right. He was impatient.

Naruto quickly leaned up and in one swift motion turned them making Kushina squeal in shock as she landed with her back to the bed. Her hair sprawled out over the sheets. “Sochi, I told you to let me….ahh…do….oh god uhhhh…the work,” Kushina said in breaths as Naruto quickly began to rock his hips violently into his redhead immoral lover. Kushina didn’t get the chance to speak anymore as Naruto silenced her with another kiss. Kushina felt the taste of her son against her lips. As he bit into her lower lip, he quickly began pounding his hips into her body making his mother moan into his mouth. This, Naruto wanted this to be his reward. The reward of seeing his mother attain pleasure from him. That was what he defined as his reward. He wanted to see the look of love, happiness, and euphoria from his mother and he would settle for nothing else.

In the stillness of the night air, Kushina’s moans escaped the cabin as Naruto furiously hammered his shaft into her sheath. He could feel the electrifying sparks along the nerves of his flesh as his mother wrapped her legs around his waist locking him in place. Kushina’s hands caressed the nape of Naruto’s hair. She furled it between her fingertips. “Oh Sochi…oh ugh! Yes, Yes Sochi! Right there. Make love to me. Make love to your mother!” Kushina’s voice echoed into his ears as Naruto thrived to do just that. Over and over he pursued the sweet flesh of his mother as he pistoned himself into hr body. Kushina could feel her toes curl from the experience. So strong, so rough, so animalistic, this feeling. It was like her son was trying to possess her in her entirety. Kushina certainly didn’t seem to mind. She could feel Naruto’s teeth against the tips of her nipples as his tongue shot over them. Kushina’s pleasure was made even more evident to the moon and animals listening in the forest outside the cabin as her breasts swayed along with the bed to the raw emotion of Naruto’s thrusting. “Kaa-chan, I did the ceremony. You’re mine, forever dattebayo!” Naruto said with a firm tone that only served to make Kushina shiver. That’s right, there was no going back from this. Kushina was going to walk this path. She truly didn’t really mind. Right now, she was just happy. She could feel the love pouring into her heart and expelling just as much. This must have truly been what Mito spoke of. The love to fill the hole in the heart, this had to be it.

Time seemed lost to Naruto and Kushina as Naruto pounded his flesh into his mother’s. The thump, thump, thump, of his dick beating its way into her pussy was only masked by the crease of the bed upon the wooden floor. The sweat absolutely poured from Kushina and Naruto’s faces into the bed as Kushina groaned. Her eyes seemed so lost and unfocused. “Cum, my son has made me…cum…twice already. I…can’t…breathe. He…his dick…he’s…gonna cum inside me. He’s really going to…,” Kushina thought to herself as she continued feeling lost in the endless waves of the seas of pleasure that had drowned her into the abyss below. Her son’s constant rapid thrusts into her body forced her legs to go limp into his arms. Was this what she had been missing? Arigatou Minato, this was truly…the best vacation Kushina could have asked for. It was then that Kushina could feel her son’s sporadic movement and the crown of his manhood stiffen. “Kaa-chan, I…I’m gonna cum!” Naruto warned and Kushina indeed heard him. Her legs found their feeling as she locked them around his waist preventing his escape. Kushina made her decision. She…would wholeheartedly accept it all. Naruto groaned as Kushina arched back feeling the waves of her son’s orgasm rushing through her body and into the entrance of her womb. Kushina exhaled a large moan of her own before falling to the bed. Both Uzumaki huffed as Naruto rolled over and dropped to the bed out of breath. Kushina took the time to catch her breath also.

“Wow,” Kushina said staring at the ceiling. “No kidding,” was Naruto’s remark. Even now Kushina could feel the warmth of her son inside her body. It was a…comforting feeling if she had to describe it.

“I can’t feel my legs,” Kushina remarked. At those words, Naruto laughed before he felt Kushina wrap her arms around his neck. Naruto placed his free arm around her form and brought her close. “Well I guess this means no dinner?” Kushina asked. Naruto shook his head.

“Nope, but tomorrow I think you’re going to like an idea I have. It’s gonna be great dattebayo!” Naruto said releasing his fist into the air. Kushina smiled at her son before nodding. Perhaps this was for the best. As both Uzumaki looked out into the moonlight their eyes slowly became heavy as Naruto pulled up the sheets and both fell asleep.


Minato and his envoy slowly began to enter the village. He had been in a rather tired mood lately. Strange that his affair was now weighing on his mind. For Minato the first time had been a mistake. A simple case of being too drunk at the time. Minato and Mei both wrote it off as nothing and would keep it a secret, but Minato was sad to say that now it had been a regular thing. He didn’t like lying to Kushina, but it was true that some of it was for the good of Konoha relations. That’s at least what Minato believed anyway. Well whatever, perhaps once he headed home got some dinner and took a bath then Kushina and Naruto could regale him with tales of their two-week vacation. Minato thought that might have been good. “Yeah, what am I so worried about? I know Naruto showed his mother a good time. A very good time I bet,” Minato said to himself with a nod. As he and his envoy came up to the village. All we suddenly on guard as a jonin dropped to the ground. His grey hair stood as straight as ever while the hitae he wore covered his left eye. His dark-blue mask covered the small portion of his mouth. “Minato-sensei!” he called upon arrival. Minato stayed his guards’ hand as they settled. Minato moved forward.

“Kakashi, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you just came all this way just to see me. I wasn’t gone long,” Minato said with a wide smile, but the look of sadness, worry and concern on Kakashi’s face was evident. “Minato-sensei, we…we have received word that the cruise ship went down due to a pirate invasion and bad weather. Many people told stories of a redhead woman and a blonde who guided them to safety, but among them no one saw them. We…have lost Kushina and Naruto…over two weeks ago,” Kakashi said.

Minato never truly believed in fate or karma, much less destiny. However the shocking revelation was too much than he felt he could bear. With a sudden burst of speed Minato teleported to the Hokage Mansion in anger. He was going to find his family. He couldn’t lost them like this!

However all of this was for another time. After all while two weeks might now be long…four weeks is another story.
Two Weeks-Ch. 5
Well guess who's back after some rehab? Now let's give you this final chapter for this story and stay tuned for the sequel. Hope you enjoyed.


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I'm a fanfiction writer that just LOVES to write Naruto stories with any woman that I find to be interesting in my eyes.

The Monster Without A Name

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 1:00 PM

A long, long time ago in a land far away,

There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he split into two to make his journey. One went to the west and the other went towards the east. The monster who went to the east found a village.

At the entrance of the village there was a blacksmith.

"Mr. Blacksmith, please give me your name," said the monster.

"You can't give away your name," the blacksmith replied.

"If you give me your name, I'll enter you and give you strength."

"Really? If you can make me stronger, then I'll give you my name." The monster entered the blacksmith. The monster became Otto the Blacksmith Otto the Blacksmith became the strongest man in the village.

But one day he said, "Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become."

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp!

The hungry monster ate Otto from the inside out. The monster returned to being a nameless monster. Even when he entered Hans the Shoemaker…

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp! He returned to being a nameless monster. When he entered Thomas the Hunter…

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp! He once again returned to being a nameless monster.

The monster came to a castle looking for a wonderful name. In the castle, there was a sick boy.

"If you give me your name, I'll give you strength."

"If you can cure this illness and make me strong, I'll give you my name." The monster entered the boy. The boy became well. The king was so pleased!

"The prince is well! The prince is well!" The monster liked the boy's name. He also liked living in the castle. So even though he was hungry, he endured. Every day his stomach growled, but he endured it. However, he was so hungry that one day he said,

"Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become." The boy ate the king and even his servents.

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp!

Since there was no one there anymore, the boy went on a journey. He kept on walking for days and days.

One day, the boy met the monster who traveled to the west.

"I have a name. It's a wonderful name, too." The monster who went to the west said,

"I don't need a name. I'm happy even without a name." We just have to accept that we are monsters without a name. The boy ate the monster who went to the west.

The monster finally had a name, But all the people who could call him by that name have disappeared. And Johan was such a wonderful name, too.

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