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You groan as you slowly open your eyes. You see nothing but darkness. The increased weight of your body made you feel uneasy. This place made you feel uneasy. This darkness had a certain…weight to it. Weight that you could not ascertain or make sense of. “Where am I?” You ask yourself. With your hands you pat yourself down. Okay, all of you seems to be there currently. Come to think of it…how did you even get here? Last thing you remember you were….a jonin fighting in the Fourth Great Shinobi War against the Akatsuki and the countless hordes of Zetsu clones.

Looking down at your vest you noticed a large bloodstain from the center of your chest. Oh, it looked like you had died. You had been stabbed from behind most likely. So…this was death. You always imagined death would at least be the Shinigami coming to take your soul and whisk you away to horrendous places unknown where you would be judged for your actions against humanity. Well at least the quiet was…interesting. You liked the quiet. It made a lot more things peaceful for you. Shaking your head you look up. You look so far up that you have to crane your neck to just match your sight. Large letters appear in front of you. You raise an eyebrow.


“Game over? What’s going on here?!” You ask before struggling to move your body. You find the strenght to lean forward. What did those words mean? Game over? Was this like one of those countless eroge novels you…played in your spare time. Hey, you weren’t going to judge yourself for it. You were a jonin. You had seen and done many horrendous things in the name of your village. It was just a way of coping with everything, but you would relish on all of that later. You notice the words fade away as more words appear.

Player: You
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jonin
Strength: 606
Dexterity: 507
Agility: 879
HP: 13706
CP: 13400
Intelligence: 480
Wisdom: 500
Luck: 100


You blink. You figured a lot more details would be on…whatever that was. Perhaps it was just the small list of everything you had done with your life. You shrug as you pull yourself forward. The possibility that you were in a genjutsu wasn’t…unlikely. Perhaps someone was just fucking with you. Yeah, you weren’t that lucky. Wait…you died a virgin?! You fight back the urge to cry. Yes, you are that sad. Okay, you have to bring yourself back to your train of thought. If it wasn’t a genjutsu, which you were now sure wasn’t the possibility, it was still unlikely that you would just…reset your life that easily. Still,if you could do it…then that might actually make it easier for yourself. In all honesty you were scared of the ‘NO’ option. Biting the edge of your life, you sigh again. With your luck this was joke, but hear’s hoping that it worked on your favor. “Yes” you say.

The words vanish from your view and your vision turns to white. You find that the wound in your vest has been healed and…you seem to be getting…smaller and…smaller. Wait what? Oh please no! It’s going to reset you back to your kid years?! That meant…no, NOT THE ACADEMY AGAIN!You scream at the top of your lungs as you have your little…episode.

As you have calmed down enough to think rationally you look up to see more words above you. You blink.


You blink again. Enter your name? Oh sure that was self-explanatory, but you could change your name? So you could even put yourself in a prestigious clan if you wanted to. You could be anyone you wanted to be and this would make it work! You could be a descendant of Uchiha Madara or a descendant of Senju Hashirama. You could even be from the Uchiha clan or the Hyuuga clan if you really wanted to. So many possibilities! You felt like a kid in a candy store! Though perhaps this game-thing had limits on what you could or couldn’t do. You would be…hacking as some people called it if you remembered correctly. “Do I get anything for joining a clan in Konoha?” You ask. You didn’t expect the game to answer, but when words came up you were surprised.

Joining the Hyuuga Clan: Gain the Byakugan, +10 politics, +30% taijutsu, +1 ninjutsu, +100 social standing, -20 social interaction, +20 familiarity with Hyuuga clan members, +50 dexterity, +10 agility, +5 strength, +25 wisdom, +10 intelligence.

Joining the Uchiha Clan: Gain the Sharingan, +20 politics, +50% taijutsu, +40 ninjutsu, +50 social standing, -50 social interaction, +70 familiarity with Uchiha clan members, +50 to all elemental affinities,  +10 popularity in Konoha, +10 dexterity, +20 agility, +10 strength,  +5 wisdom, +10 intelligence.

Joining the Senju Clan: Gaining the Wood Release bloodline, +40 endurance, +100 CP, +20% taijutsu, +50 ninjutsu, +100 social standing, +10 social interaction, +0 interaction with family members, +10 dexterity, +20 agility, +50 strength, +5 wisdom, +10 intelligence.

Joining the Uzumaki Clan: Gaining Uzumaki Longevity, +1000 HP, +1500 CP, +50 endurance, +40% taijutsu, +30 ninjutsu, -100 social standing, -1 social interaction, faster familiarity with Uzumaki Naruto, -10 refine, -15 chakra control, +200 luck, -30 familiarity with village, +40 friendly with Hokage, +5 dexterity, +10 agility, +50 strength, -5 wisdom, -10 intelligence, +60 Willpower.

Joining the…

“Wait wait!” You said to the words. Strangely enough they did stop coming forward. You remembered Uzumaki Naruto. You and he went to the Academy together. You remembered growing up with him in the orphanage. You now felt bad. You like many kids picked on him while the caretakers did nothing. You felt disgust with yourself for how you acted. Now you understood that he held the Kyuubi, the beast that destroyed Konoha those years ago. They say hindsight is 20-20. You felt even more disgust with yourself that you never…apologized to him. Now look at him? He was helping to lead the war against Akatsuki. Granted you found it a surprise that the Uzumaki was actually a clan name. You stared at the words. Perhaps doing this out of guilt was wrong, but…even if the others had great advantages you…wished to make amends somewhere.Yes, you would be the friend that Naruto never got growing up. You would also be the family he never got to experience. You would be the person he would come to after a long, hard day through the door. “Call me Satou. Satou Uzumaki…close cousin of Uzumaki Naruto,” You say. The words vanish from the white void before more words appear.


You growled before you slammed your fist into the ‘YES’ option. The world around you faded to black once again. You found a heavy weight come over you. It was so heavy that it forced you to black out and fall into blissful unconsciousness. You The weight of your decisions was upon you as you did this and as you dreamed. You would know that you made this choice. Good or bad, you didn’t really care. Know why? You weren’t in the mental state right now to care.

You slowly opened your eyes and groaned. The sun from the broken window in your room was flaring in your face. You gave a stiff yawn and stretched your body before rolling out of the bed albeit you landed on the floor. You muttered a curse as you rubbed your tender nose. Looking up you sighed. You were back in the orphanage. You grew up there with the other orphan children in your…past life. With a grumble, you looked at your bed. Decrepit thing. Well you knew what you were getting into when you took the name Uzumaki. Oh wait, that’s right perhaps like before with your death you could…maybe see your status as a person in this game. You still found this all surreal mind you, but it was whatever at this point. It wasn’t like the game gave you any commands you had to say. It seemed like you had to figure it all out by yourself. Walking over to a mirror you blinked. Unlike your cousin, who you hadn’t seen yet, you had long, red hair and cool gray eyes. You didn’t have you cousin’s whisker marks so perhaps that was a side effect of the Kyuubi. You also noticed that you were a child. Perhaps about six.

“Status!” You shout to the air before covering your mouth. Didn’t want the caretakers hearing you and asking stupid questions. You noticed words come up before you and you smiled with a firm nod. Good it was just what you wanted.

Player: Uzumaki Satou
Village: Konoha
Clan: Uzumaki
Relatives: Naruto
Level: 2
Strength: 50
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 10
HP: 1500
CP: 2000
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Luck: 200
Chakra Control: 0
Taijutsu: 40
Ninjutsu: 30
Social Standing: Menace

“Really?! Intelligence and Wisdom at zero? I’m not that dumb!” You shout at the words on the screen before you took notice of something else. Below Luck was something called Points and you had thirty of them. Oh you could level up some things with the points you had currently. Swiftly you added ten points to intelligence and ten to wisdom.  You then noticed your chakra control was terrible. Looking at your chakra points, or you were assuming that’s what CP stood for, you noticed that you had quite a bit and no control over it. You decided to put the last ten to chakra control and closed the status.

It was then that you heard shouting in the yard. You slipped on your sandals and quickly ran out of the door not paying heed to the caretaker’s words. The old crone would get lost sooner or later. As you rounded the corner of the old complex, you noticed with shock and surprise that three kids were all crying while behind a different female caretaker. Her eyes glared hard at the blond young man that was your cousin. Wow, he didn’t look a day older than you. He had to be five at the most you figured. “It wasn’t me! I promise! I just wanted to play with them, but they started pushing me! I didn’t touch them!” You hear Naruto plead. A angry glare falls on your face as you stare at the children crying. Years as a former jonin have taught you how fake some things are and that crying was as fake as any shinobi could spot.

“Then what are these bruises Naruto?! You can’t expect people to like you if you use violence!” The caretaker said to him coldly. You watched Naruto’s head fall down before words came up in front of your view.

Quest: Family Sticks Together
Description: Your cousin is being accused of physical assault by the caretaker and kids. Go to your cousin’s aid and convince the caretaker she’s wrong.

Reward: 500 exp, increased familiarity with Uzumaki Naruto, Skill: Observe, 40 ryo.
Do you accept?

“Heh, you don’t need to ask me twice,” You said as you accepted the quest and marched over to the situation at hand. “Yo cousin! What’s up!” You shout bringing everyone’s attention to you. Naruto’s face lightens up upon seeing you coming.

“Satou-nii!” Naruto called out to you happily. You quickly pat his bright, yellow hair and smile widely before sending a look to the caretaker. “Why are you ganging up on my cousin? What did he do?” You asked quickly. The caretaker glares at you too. Sins of the family and all that, but you’ve had worse in your life. You notice the kids stick their tongues out at you, but you ignore it.

“Your cousin seems to like bullying the other children because they won’t play with him. He has to understand that violence is not the way to get friends,” the caretaker said to you. You frown before you feel Naruto grab your arm shaking his head fervently in protest just hoping, praying, begging that you would believe him. “No Satou-nii that wasn’t how it went. I saw the three playing and I wanted to join in kicking the ball over there. They started calling me bad names. I…I was shouting at them, but I promise I didn’t hit them or anything dattebayo!” Naruto said. You narrowed your eyes before looking at the field. You notice the beat up ball. You then look back at your cousin and his pleading blue eyes. You knew what it was like. To be telling the truth and have no one believe you. You understood that well. In fact, you surmised that you had to thank your many years of experience in things like this to find a good answer. You pat your cousin’s hand and nod before turning back to the caretaker.

“I don’t know ma’am. Don’t you think it’s unlikely for a five-year old to beat up three eight-year olds. Unless those eight-year olds happen to be total wimps!” You said with a wide grin. Naruto grinned behind you while the caretaker narrowed her eyes at you, but you stand your ground. You can tell the caretaker is unnerved by your smile before she looks away, grabs the children and goes away. You and Naruto watch her leave before more words pop up.

Quest Completed: Family Sticks Together

500 exp rewarded

+5 relationship with Naruto: Family-Friendly

Unlocked Special Skill: Observe
Description: Know your enemies and your allies. Observe anyone and everyone to learn more about them. Leveling up your observe will allow you to look at more powerful targets. You cannot observe anyone who is twenty levels higher than you.

“Hmm well that’s good to know,” You say to yourself before you take the second to look at your cousin. The gleam in your eyes shine as you smirk. “Observe,” You say as a screen appears above Naruto’s head. Naruto looks at you for a moment before you start to read.

Player: Uzumaki Naruto
Village: Konoha
Clan: Uzumaki Clan
Relatives: Satou Uzumaki
Level: 1
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 10
HP: 75
CP: 234
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Luck: 350
Chakra Control: 0
Taijutsu: 3
Ninjutsu: 3
Social Standing: Menace

Uzumaki Naruto is an orphan of Konoha. He, along with his cousin, is the last known remnants of the Uzumaki Clan. For reasons unknown the villagers hate Naruto and Satou.

“Hmph of course they do. I wouldn’t put it past them with that old crony Naruto and I just met,” You thought to yourself before you looked down to see Naruto tugging at your arm. “Satou-nii! Satou-nii! Come on, we have the academy today! It’s the start when I become Hokage dattebayo!” Naruto said with a wide grin. You blink before chuckling. How could you forget that your cousin had such a dream? Even in your past life he liked to boast himself. Though you knew why. If no one was going to encourage or boast you then you had to do it yourself sometimes which often led to an ego that you would correct with Naruto this time. Wait speaking of Naruto. The times that you met him, which were honestly few and far in-between, you still remembered that by this age Naruto lived by himself. Why was that not the case now? You watched three quests make their appearance. You blinked. So these quests were random, huh?

Quest: Any Dream Can Be Achieved
Description: Help your cousin realize his dream of becoming Hokage.

Reward: 80,000,000 exp, 100,000,000,000, ryo, +1000 relationship with Naruto, 100% loyalty from Naruto, +1000 social standing in Konoha, +2000 world renown, +7000 prestige.

Failure: 20,000,000 exp, 100,000,000 ryo, -2500 relationship with Naruto, 15% loyalty from Naruto, -3000 social standing in Konoha, 0 world renown, -9000 prestige.

Rank: S

Quest: There’s No Place Like Home
Description: You and Naruto are fed up with the orphanage. Negotiate with Hokage-sama to give you an apartment.

Reward: 8000 exp, 20,000 ryo,1 Apartment Complex, +30 relationship with Hokage, +100 relationship with Naruto, +30 Negotiation, +12 Business.

Failure: 2000 exp, 200 ryo, no apartment

Rank: D

Quest: No One Can Escape Their Crime
Description: Find out the truth of the Kyuubi Incident and Naruto’s Parents, your relatives.

Reward: 50,000,000 exp, 200,000,000,000 ryo, +2000 relationship with Naruto, +500 social standing in Konoha, +3000 world renown, +3000 prestige, Formal Luxury Unlocked: CRA (Clan Restoration Act).

Failure: 10,000,000 exp, 200,000 ryo, +200 relationship with Naruto, -150 social standing in Konoha, -100 world renown, -2000 prestige, Formal Luxury Locked: CRA.

Rank: S

Do you accept?

You groan as you look over these quests. The rewards looked awesome, but dammit if the time spending trying to do all of these wasn’t going to take years! You almost debate not taking any of these, but you have to admit that you are curious. You don’t know your cousin’s parents just like he doesn’t know yours. Plus there seemed to be more to the Kyuubi Incident than what was at face value. Placing a finger to your chin you accept the Apartment quest. You didn’t want your cousin staying with the orphanage any longer anyway. You looked at the last two. If this worked then it would be worth it, if it didn’t. No, you would do it! You vowed it. You punched accept for both missions and watched the board dissolve.

“Yeah, that’s right Naruto. We have the academy. Also Naruto, when we come back…we’re packing our things. How would you like a place just for you and me? No mean caretakers or mean kids?” You asked. Naruto positively brightened at you and nodded his head frantically. You smiled as you patted his head.

Congratulations! You understand that family puts the needs of someone above themselves! You have gained 1 Wisdom!

“Well that’s convenient,” You say to yourself before you and Naruto rush off to get your things. Once you got your books, backpack, lunch and other essentials, you both walked out of the door of the orphanage. As you walked through the village, you took the time to observe the general populace. As expected most civilians were only either lvl 10s or at most 15s. Anyone higher might have been 20 or past that.

By the time you reached the Academy your new ‘Observe’ skill had grown by five points. It was strange, based on how this game was operating itself, you would have thought that perhaps there were cheat codes to this than what was already given to you. It seemed that liked completing the quests and the like were enough for one to live their lives depending on which quests they got. Course you weren’t sure of anyone else experienced this and if they did then it would have been strange to talk about. In the meantime, you were merely content watching Naruto grin as he hopped along to the academy with you right behind it. It seemed that this Naruto was a lot happier with his life than the other one, thought you could figure that it was because you were there and he wasn’t alone. You looked up at the academy. Those boring memories were suddenly coming back to you as you resigned yourself to this fate.

As you and Naruto entered the door, both took notice of the academy students around the area. Most didn’t catch you eye except for the clan heirs of the Akimichi, Nara, Aburame, Yamanaka, Uchiha, Hyuuga, and Inuzuka clans. They had all been your classmates. ‘If I recall they’re Ino, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. Boy, the Uchiha looked a lot happier than what he remembered. Though you may have been a year older than the other children you guessed that you had stayed behind to be around your cousin more. What else could it be? You weren’t lame enough to fail.

Getting into your seat, which of course had your cousin next to you, you look at the title of one of your books. A message popped in front of you as you looked in surprise.

Do you wish to read History of the Shinobi vol. 1?

You blink, but you tap the ‘Yes’ option. You gasp as the words literally rip from the paper and drive into your head. In an instant. You close the book and let out a sigh. You could recite the enter book in front of the teacher if you had to now. Talk about a crash course in reading.

Congratulations! By reading you have increase you intellect by 3 points!

You quickly beep the message away before pinching the bridge of your nose. You figure you shouldn’t do that on a daily basis. Massive brain overload for you if you did that, but still it was convenient you figured. Taking a curious glance at the Uchiha. You ‘observed’ him.

Player: Uchiha Sasuke
Village: Konoha
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Relatives: Uchiha Mikoto, Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Itachi
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 6
Agility: 10
HP: 100
CP: 200
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 5
Luck: 15
Chakra Control: 5
Taijutsu: 9
Ninjutsu: 10

Great so essential he was better than your cousin, but then again he had a family to train him to be that way. You would make sure that Naruto rose as well. You would also observe the other students at a later date. Right now you had to observe your teacher coming in. You snorted as you saw Umino Iruka. He looked at you and Naruto warily. So he hadn’t accepted your cousin just yet. Seemed about right. “Well we’ll just have to change that,” You said with a small smirk. In trying to proceed with the lesson, you tried to observe Umino Iruka, but found that you couldn’t. So he was more than twenty levels over you? It was understandable.

Once a lot of the boring sessions were over you had found that you intelligent and wisdom each increased by 5 points from your reading and your observations. It took…a bit to keep watch of Naruto to keep him from doing things that would get him in trouble, but such were five-year olds.

Swiftly the class was guided out back to the training area. You frowned as you took note of the way Mizuki looked at you and Naruto. Obviously Naruto was oblivious to it, but you weren’t so simple. You could see the hatred he harbored for the both of you. You snorted. It was no doubt that Mizuki was a traitor. Yet it in what circumstances you didn’t know just yet. It was always kept tight-lipped. You also tried to observe Mizuki, but to no avail did it work. With a sigh you just focused on weapons-training. As expected of the clans heirs, they managed to best out of the class. Well technically Naruto was also a clan heir, but everyone laughed as they watched him throw one kunai sending it into the trees. “HAhahaha what a loser! Dobe!” You could hear them say. Naturally Mizuki didn’t make an attempt to stop them. You close your eyes and smiling. Taking your cousin’s arm, you smile.

“Don’t try to force the throw Naruto. Just let your arm swing out naturally. Compensate for the distance with your strength. Then just flick your wrist,” You explain. Naruto brightens up with a nod as you take a step back. Mizuki sends a look at you, but you go for ignoring as you watched Naruto land the next six kunai before messing up with the seventh, but he nailed the eighth and ninth and tenth. That was all that mattered as his joys were heard on your ears. You nod. Now it was your turn. You looked up.

Quest: Talk The Talk, So Walk The Walk
Description: You helped your cousin perform better by your instructions. Now it’s your turn to not make a fool of yourself. Score a nine out of ten targets.

Rewards: 400 exp, 200 ryo, +1 social standing in Konoha, +1 prestige, +100 kunai, +1 holster

Failure: 100 exp, 15 ryo

You snort and dismiss the message. You had done this over a thousand times in a thousand different ways when you were a jonin. As you flick your wrist you widen your eyes as your kunai just misses the center. You frown. It looked like it would be a lot harder than you anticipated. You control was terrible. So…even if you had memories of doing better your body didn’t. There was no muscle memory for you to learn from. Interesting. Well looks like you had to put in more effort again. With a grunt you flung the remaining nine in order. Thankfully your control wasn’t so shot that you couldn’t make a perfect ten to the target.

Quest: Talk The Talk, So Walk The Walk Completed!

You have received all the mentioned rewards!

Congratulations you have reached level 3! You have 20 points to spend!

Bonus Quest Completed: Please I Can Talk and Walk At The Same Time Completed
Description: Never miss your target!

Rewards: 300 exp, 400 ryo, +2 social standing in Konoha, +1 prestige, +100 kunai, +2 holsters, +1 Sealing Scroll

“Well I’ll be damned,” You said to yourself as you walked off the field the resounding cheers of your cousin in your ears with the deafening silence of your classmates. You and Naruto shared a high-five while the other students looked on for a moment before continuing on.

With time the Academy ended, you were a little disappointed that you couldn’t get to taijutsu or ninjutsu today as you would have liked to try, but that could have been for later. Right now, you just decided to send five points towards you chakra control, ten points towards intelligence, and three points to dexterity leaving you with two free points to do whatever with.

Okay now with the Academy over, you and Naruto walk through the streets. “Did I do good today Satou-nii?” Naruto asked with wide hoping eyes. You chuckle and pat his head nodding. “Yeah, you did awesome cousin. You’ll be Hokage in no time,” You praised. Naruto widened his eyes as he looked at his cousin in surprise.

“Y-You really think I could become Hokage?” Naruto asks you. You blink. “Damn straight Naruto. You’re going to be the best, baddest, most awesome-set Kage the world has ever seen and I’m gonna help you,” You said. You can see the tears well up in Naruto’s eyes, but you gently bring him into a hug quieting his soft sobs. You can tell, he had waited so long to just hear some simple words of acceptance. You had to provide them or no one else would. It was now that you find yourself with a choice. You smile. You would like to celebrate with your cousin, but the caretakers want all children back at a certain time. In the time it takes for not only you and Naruto to eat, talk with the Hokage and return home to pack it would be too late, yet you feel Naruto deserves a reward and would the caretakers care anyway about the two of you?

So it’s simple. What will you do?
The World Is A Game -Ch. 1 (Gamer!ReaderxKonoha)
So...what will you do? Will you take Naruto to celebrate the academy then go to the Hokage for your new apartment? Or will you go back to the Orphanage get settled, then go to the Hokage Mansion? The yours!;) (Wink) 
Assassin's Creed Project Ramen (Shaded) by KyuubiGoku-sama
Assassin's Creed Project Ramen (Shaded)
Done with the express permission of Mattwilson83.

Time taken: 1 Hour 30 mins

Lineart: Mattwilson83

Shading: Semi-Heavy

Shading and Color for his picture…

I do not own this picture nor its contents. All rights have been reserved for the artist himself. This has been done with his permission and it will be treated as such.


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Kellen Edwards
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United States
I am a deviant.

I'm a fanfiction writer that just LOVES to write Naruto stories with any woman that I find to be interesting in my eyes.

The Monster Without A Name

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 1:00 PM

A long, long time ago in a land far away,

There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he split into two to make his journey. One went to the west and the other went towards the east. The monster who went to the east found a village.

At the entrance of the village there was a blacksmith.

"Mr. Blacksmith, please give me your name," said the monster.

"You can't give away your name," the blacksmith replied.

"If you give me your name, I'll enter you and give you strength."

"Really? If you can make me stronger, then I'll give you my name." The monster entered the blacksmith. The monster became Otto the Blacksmith Otto the Blacksmith became the strongest man in the village.

But one day he said, "Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become."

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp!

The hungry monster ate Otto from the inside out. The monster returned to being a nameless monster. Even when he entered Hans the Shoemaker…

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp! He returned to being a nameless monster. When he entered Thomas the Hunter…

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp! He once again returned to being a nameless monster.

The monster came to a castle looking for a wonderful name. In the castle, there was a sick boy.

"If you give me your name, I'll give you strength."

"If you can cure this illness and make me strong, I'll give you my name." The monster entered the boy. The boy became well. The king was so pleased!

"The prince is well! The prince is well!" The monster liked the boy's name. He also liked living in the castle. So even though he was hungry, he endured. Every day his stomach growled, but he endured it. However, he was so hungry that one day he said,

"Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become." The boy ate the king and even his servents.

Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp!

Since there was no one there anymore, the boy went on a journey. He kept on walking for days and days.

One day, the boy met the monster who traveled to the west.

"I have a name. It's a wonderful name, too." The monster who went to the west said,

"I don't need a name. I'm happy even without a name." We just have to accept that we are monsters without a name. The boy ate the monster who went to the west.

The monster finally had a name, But all the people who could call him by that name have disappeared. And Johan was such a wonderful name, too.

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  • Listening to: Hero by Skillet
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